Paris - La Grande Halle de La Villette
8 & 9 November 2023



22 March 2023

ARCHITECT@WORK Marseille ouvrira ses portes, pour la 5e fois, les 24 et 25 mai 2023 au Parc Chanot.

Cet événement atypique, réservé aux architectes et autres prescripteurs, proposera une sélection de plus de 350 nouveaux produits, présentés par non moins de 120 industriels.

Un programme riche et complet d’interventions et d’expositions sur l’architecture est également proposé. À découvrir sans modération ! 

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Une 5ème édition Nantaise couronnée de succès

30 November 2022

Ces jeudi 24 et vendredi 25 novembre derniers, Le Parc des Expositions de la Beaujoire a ouvert ses portes aux architectes, architectes d’intérieur,  agenceurs et autres prescripteurs pour leur permettre de découvrir les innovations de 113 industriels du secteur de la construction.


Cette nouvelle édition d’ARCHITECT@WORK NANTES a accueilli un nombre de visiteurs pour ainsi dire similaire à celui de 2018, soit 2.371 personnes


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4 October 2022

Architect@Work Nantes ouvrira ses portes, pour la 5e fois, les 24 et 25 novembre 2022 au Parc des Expositions de la Beaujoire.

Cet événement atypique, réservé aux architectes et autres prescripteurs, présentera une sélection de plus de 350 nouveaux produits, présentés par non moins de 120industriels.

Un programme riche et complet d’interventions et d’expositions sur l’architecture est également proposé. À découvrir sans modération ! 

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Une 15ème édition parisienne réussie

28 September 2022

Ces jeudi 22 et vendredi 23 septembre derniers, le Paris Event Center a ouvert à nouveau ses portes aux architectes, architectes d’intérieur, agenceurs et autres prescripteurs pour leur permettre de découvrir les innovations de 260 industriels de la construction.

Les résultats parlent d’eux-mêmes : avec 5.265 visiteurs reçus, cet événement a conservé le succès qu’on lui connaît.

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Applications for Paris and Nantes are open from 9 November 9:00

5 November 2021

Application for ARCHITECT@WORK PARIS and NANTES are open from 9 November 9:00 


Come and show your innovations to architects, interior designers and other specifiers (project managers, town planners and economists) from the Ile-de-France and Western regions.

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Un événement au succès constant

11 October 2021

Les résultats parlent d’eux-mêmes : avec 5.268 visiteurs reçus, cet événement a retrouvé le succès qu’on lui connaît. Il est vrai que la qualité de sa présentation et de son accueil, les nombreuses nouveautés présentées et le programme des interventions et expositions en font le rendez-vous préféré des architectes et autres prescripteurs de la construction.

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Everything is ready for Architect@Work Paris 2020

1 July 2020

Following the government's announcement on 20 June to authorise trade shows to take place from the beginning of September, the organisers of Architect@Work Paris are delighted to be able to announce that everything is already in place for their event to go ahead.

It will be an Architect@Work as we know it, promises the organisation, as it is with a limited number of adjustments that the event will take place on 24 and 25 September at the Paris Event Center. On the agenda: the presentation of the latest innovations from more than 200 suppliers, a conference programme giving architects a voice, and exhibitions.

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ARCHITECT@WORK introduces next level lead generation by adding a brand new hybrid dimension to all events!

11 June 2020

Face to face contact has always proven to boost the success of your relationships, whether they are personal or business related. It is the type of contact which enables us to pick up on body language, it satisfies our basic need for human interaction, encourages transparency and is the best basis for a solid, long-term business relationship.

This is the reason why we are convinced that now, more than ever, is the time to invest in face to face business opportunities such as ARCHITECT@WORK. Our flexible and cost-effective concept enables you to showcase your latest innovations, on various locations throughout Europe and beyond, to a community of architects and interior designers.

All of which will be brought in the same convivial and familiar atmosphere, but above all in a safe environment, respecting all preventive measures. Your health and safety is of the utmost importance to us!

Over the last couple of years however, we have also been working towards finding a good balance between solid, innovative on-site content and strong additional digital elements.

Recent developments accelerated our research and ARCHITECT@WORK is proud to announce that next level lead generation will be introduced from September 2020 onwards, as part of our strategic plan to add a hybrid dimension to all our events!

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13 May 2020

It goes without saying that COVID-19 has all of a sudden taken hold of all our lives, whether that be from a professional or private point of view with the extreme, yet necessary (confinement) measures that have been taken throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

The good news is that these measures have proven to be successful – the curve has flattened or is flattening – and multiple, phased exit scenarios are under construction in the different countries that we are active in.

We are positive and confident that our unique concept will once more prove its value: every single ARCHITECT@WORK is hosted nationally/regionally, right at the beating heart of a strong community of architects and interior designers.

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We are all in this together!

26 March 2020

COVID-19 has taken grip of all of our lives, whether that be from a private or professional point of view and it goes without saying that your health is a priority to our organization.

We are monitoring the situation closely, but would like to emphasize that our Fall 2020 editions are set to go ahead as planned. Each of us is working hard from his or her home office to prepare these editions thoroughly, giving it all our best and looking forward to meeting you all again soon at ARCHITECT@WORK.

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Communiqué de presse de clôture Paris

15 October 2019

Une 12e édition parisienne plébiscitée !

Cette douzième édition sur Paris -inaugurée par Didier Chinardet, Président de l’UNSFA Île-de-France- a rencontré le succès escompté.

Non moins de 6.303 visiteurs ont répondu présents ; soit +2 % en comparaison avec l’année dernière. Cette édition fut donc l’une des plus fréquentée de ces dernières années. Et d’après les premiers sondages réalisés, industriels et visiteurs sont particulièrement satisfaits de la qualité des produits présentés et des contacts réalisés durant l’événement.

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ARCHITECT@WORK Madrid will have its first edition!

3 May 2018

ARCHITECT@WORK Madrid, the carefully curated two-day trade show aimed at architects, interior designers and specifiers, will have its first edition on the 9th and 10th of May at IFEMA, hall 12. Over 160 leading national and international architectural suppliers will showcase their latest innovations in surface solutions, lighting technology as well as interior and exterior fixtures and fittings. All exhibitors go through a rigorous selection process, with an external judging panel overseeing the product selection, to ensure that this is Spain’s most highly respected trade shows of its kind.

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Follow ARCHITECT@WORK on Instagram!

10 January 2017

Curious to find out what our teams are doing on a daily basis? Interested in knowing what the atmosphere is like during one of our editions? Enthusiastic about posting ARCHITECT@WORK content yourself?

Follow our Instagram account and have a peek in our world.


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ARCHITECT@WORK goes overseas: the concept conquers Canada

4 May 2016

The ARCHITECT@WORK concept has been around for many years and never misses out on new opportunities. As more and more exhibitors have been asking for an overseas version of ARCHITECT@WORK, the organisation set out to find the best possible place. We are, therefore, proud to announce that we have found the ideal location in Toronto, Canada.

ARCHITECT@WORK Toronto is scheduled for May 17 & 18, 2017 in the Enercare Centre. The event will be open from 11 am until 7 pm on both days. Canada, thus, becomes our 14th country for ARCHITECT@WORK, creating a grand total of 22 editions!

We will be working closely with ARCHELLO on this event and they will be our interface in Canada for marketing the concept.

Would you like to be a part of this exciting, new experience? Then do not hesitate to contact us for more information (floorplan, application form, pricing,…) at

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ARCHITECT@WORK launches a brand new edition in Barcelona!

11 April 2016

Spain has been on our radar for quite some time now and a lot of exhibitors have been asking for a Spanish version of ARCHITECT@WORK over these last couple of years. This, combined with the fact that the economy is headed in the right direction again is, is more than proof the market is ready for the very first Spanish edition of our exclusive exhibition concept.

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ARCHITECT@WORK will be held for the first time in Turkey on Friday 4th and Saturday 5th of November 2016 at the Istanbul Expo Center in Istanbul.

13 January 2016

Following the outstanding success of ARCHITECT@WORK in Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Denmark, this unique event comes to Turkey.

As an event/exhibition, ARCHITECT@WORK is completely different from any other event in construction because of its exclusive character and its strong focus on innovation. The success of this tailor-made event for the (interior) architect is due to a number of important factors.

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Premiere for ARCHITECT@WORK in Rome!

8 January 2016

On demand of both exhibitors and visitors this brand new edition will open its doors on 5-6 October 2016.

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